Did you know that your heart is good?

Perhaps in the secular world, this is a common thought.  But I'd like to take a moment to speak to my Christian friends who may be reading this.

I'm revisiting the writings of an author whom I've found incredibly inspiring over the last 12 years or so, John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministries.  He's one of those people who seems to be inside my brain, and yet is also telling me things I either didn't know or forgot I knew.

Today, he reminded me, yet again, of the fact that God, my Great and Precious God, the One who loves me beyond all reason..........has given me a new and GOOD heart.  Where you ask?  You also want to know about this truth don't you?!  It's quite unlike any teaching you've ever heard in a church service isn't it.  (unless your Pastor reads John Eldredge too!)

The book today is called 'Waking the Dead'.  I'm listening to the audio version, thanks to my dear friend Doug Coults gift a few years back.

Yes, as I sweep my floors, I am reminded that I have a good heart given to me by a good God in order that I can fulfill His good purpose for my life.  Eldreged offers quite a few scripture references to back this up.

Lest you fear that the one verse which says the heart is bad (Jeremiah 17:9) must necessarily blow such a fanciful concept out of the water, I'd suggest reading that passage in context.  I think you'll find what I did when I read it.  It's not saying that the heart is bad, but that the hearts of God's people in that specific time were confused by the enemy of their hearts.

Their hearts had been so deeply inprinted by their own sin that they somehow failed to recognize that if they would only put their trust in the Lord, he'd save them and they'd be strong and healthy like the trees planted by the rivers.  Their hearts deceived them into forgeting His goodness.

But God has given us a new heart.  It knows the truth and it can walk in the truth and joy and grace of our God.  I'll encourage you to start looking for what God's word says about your heart.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Thankful for this. We can be so down on ourselves, because others are as well. This is good. Might have to look for Eldredge myself.

  2. Seems logical to me! God wants us to be like Him so He gives us a good heart so we can realize our potential if we use it properly. Engaging in sin unrepentantly however can change this beautiful and wonderful gift He has given us and causes us to lose sight of our purpose in life. The really beautiful thing is even when our good heart is tainted or changed by sin we can renew it and restore it through repentance and the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ's Atonement. :) Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Thank you for blessing me with this reminder today!


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