Take 2 : Measuring Up

This is my first time trying a 'Take 2'. I guess I'm not so much in the habit of revisiting what I have already done.  However, as it turns out, this will be my third layout based off of this design concept.  I originally took it from an art piece I saw on Pinterest that I fell in love with.

The first layout you see is one I did using Scrapbook Circle's February kit Story Time and the add-on for that month.  You can see that it is strips and lots of sewing along with a bit of embellishment.  However, I didn't get any journaling onto this particular page..

This month, I wanted to try that design again, however, I'm not one to repeat something precisely so I had to think about how I wanted to keep the same idea but change the final look of the page.

So I decided to use the strips as sort of a 'slash' across the page to 'point' to the photo.  I also wanted to inlcude a lot of journaling as I talked about some feelings I've been having regarding measuring up.  The large space below the photo was the perfect place for me to include my story.

This is actually fairly simple to accomplish with the only real tricky part being getting the right cut angle on things that you desire. I used a large square see-through ruler that had 45 degree angles marked on it to get it right.  Other than that, simply cut your strips and sew them down to a base cardstock and then go from there.

I feel like the final page has a similar feel, but is enough different that I don't feel like I just did the same thing over again.  Have you done a Take 2 from your gallery?  Show us on our Facebook Page, you never know we may use your layout in a future blog post.


  1. Wowwwwwww! These are both amazing!! I am IN LOVE with all that stitching!!!

  2. They look amazing!




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